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UK Registration Capital

The company’s registered capital amounted to £10,000,000 and 5,000,000 shares were issued

 Growth Up To 0,65% Daily

E-DINAR – a cryptocurrency, which increases in volume up to 0,65% per exchange day.

 Born energy sources

e-Dİnar Coins, Produce renewable energy resources for the world


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21% Fixed Profit 

Gains 0.65 Percent Per Day Compounded 21% Percent Per Month Fixed!

Bonus Resources Unlimited 

Get Referral Bonus  From Every Member of Your Network Everyday

Auto Mining

e-Dinar using auto mining. So You Do Not Need a Hassle For Your Money Mine.

Has Just Begun

An Opportunity That Very Good. Current Newly Sign in China, Nigeria, Russia, UK, Brazil, India, Turkiye, Thailand and USA


According to the sacred tradition of the Sunnah, Dinar is destined to play a very significant role in the history of mankind: the weight of righteousness in the human hearts will be measured in Dinars defining their way on the Day of Judgment because Dinar is a measure of human dignity.


Unique cryptocurrency E-DINAR COIN aims to change the world for the better, move from the monopoly of the financial institutions to a decentralized system of resource-based relations which will use the cryptocurrency and have no boundaries and limitations and will be available at any point of the world.

E-dinar is a fully decentralized payment system based on blockchain technology: open source financial network. The deficiencies of bitcoin related to 51% of computing power are remediated by the usage of dpos.
dpos: delegated proof of stake


E-Dinar will invest a part of its income in the development of the new urban projects that are aimed at providing the city with clean water and fresh air.

You can earn a lot of money with E-Dinar. To achieve this, you have to initially allocate some capital to yourself, then you have to work hard and be patient. We can list the methods of getting started With e-Dinar:

1. Auto Mining: You get mining gains up to 0.65% of your daily deposits. For example, if you have 1.000 EDCs, you will have 1.006,5 EDCs the next day.

2. E-Dinar Referral Program. Every new member you give to the system returns to you as money. You must be a reference to a strong one in order to win a lot of fire. You can find the details of this program on our site.

3. The way to earn is the stock market value. E-dinar coin is valued at the stock exchange every day. For example, if you get 200 EDCs for 100 USD today, the value of the 200 EDC handled at a later date may be 1.000 USD. So you can make a lot of money with e-dinar.

The system has just been established yet, you are not late.

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21% Monthly Earnings Come From ?

E-Dinar Coin is an environmentally sensitive currency. A new financial instrument. It does not pollute natural resources. It also carries out projects such as cleaning the air and water in big cities. That’s why e-Dinar has developed an automated mining system. Thanks to the automatic maunching system, 0,65% of your bonus is added to your daily account. This figure is approximately 21% per month when calculated by compound interest.

So you are earning 21% return monthly auto mining gain. You can find detailed information about automatic mining on our site. E-Dinar is a new project. You are not late yet. Register immediately with our referral system.

Who Controls e-Dinar ?

E-Dinar Coin is a blockchain technology. E-Dinar developers can produce some software for the development of e-Dinar, but they can not change the source code or the encryption system in any way. Therefore e-Dinar Coin can not be controlled by any center or group or by a central authority. E-Dinar is controlled as a whole of the communication of all the users in the system with the blockchain technology.

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How Does e-Dinar System Work ?

Everything is unique in the international e-Dinar network. The operations that correspond to the addresses used in each process are called block chains. The system is a public source code that works with the block chain. At this point e-Dinar members operate the system with an electronic signature.

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Is e-Dinar Protected ?

• E-Dinar technology has high security level with protocol and encryption method.
• E-Dinar is fully protected against external attack using the latest data encryption and encoding.
• E-Dinar has safety measures that make a safe system possible.
• Do not share your password with anyone. Use a strong password, use two-step authentication.

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Is it Difficult To Deal With e-Dinar ?

e-Dinar Wallet, is easier than credit card payments and doesn’t require opening a current bank account. Transactions are carried out through a program installed on your personal account portfolio by entering the email address or number E-wallet of the recipient and the payment amount, then just press the button “Send “. It is that Simple !

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Is e-Dinar Physically Printed ?

No, the e-Dinar is not a physical money that is physically printed. It is a monetary unit of finance, which is entirely virtual but material value. E-dinar can be exchanged with other currencies and some commodities. It is traded on the stock exchange. Exchange rate may increase or decrease.

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Is Attending e-Dinar Society Secret?

The E-DINAR community undertakes the privacy and confidentiality of the participants. However, it is free for each participant to express himself clearly. It is not prohibited by the Community rules and procedures.

E-Dinar is a completely hidden system. Records can never be disclosed or captured. However, those who want it can make their transactions visible. It is a completely free environment. E-Dinar is a crypto paradise. You will not be followed for this reason, you will not be asked any questions such as the source of your money, the way of arrival and departure, where it is used.

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Can e-Dinar Become a Global Currency ?

E-DINAR is essentially a global currency, as members of the community are people from different countries around the world. For FREE membership it is only necessary to have a computer and internet Access.

Can i Take My Money Out Quickly ?

E-DINAR lets you take out your money quickly if you need to in an emergency or if your circumstances change. Unlike other schemes where your own money is LOCKED in for a defined period. E-Dinar lets you take out all of your money in an  average 2-3 days. There is no fixed term. You benefit according to how long your investment stays in the monthly bonus cycle (please see the Compounding Calculator).

Of course, each investor will have their own strategy how long they want to invest and how they want to withdraw PART or ALL of their initial investment. The bonuses change as you withdraw funds across the 6 and 12 month investment cycles. Please speak to the person who introduced E-Dinar to you and they will help you with further information. The choice is ALWAYS yours to make.

How Can i Buy e-Dinar Coin ?

Buy E-DINAR on the Cryptocurrency exchanges, P2P points exchange of electronic currencies or through Paypal, Bitcoin or direct bank transfer if you work with an exchange partner. Currently, there are 14 exchange points and network will continue to increase.

Is e-Dinar Legal Currency ?

E-DINAR is absolutely legal according to the law in most jurisdictions around the world.

However, some jurisdictions may require licensing of certain issues, such as sites that provide electronic exchanges for E-DINAR currency.

What Are The Benefits of e-Dinar ?

Freedom of payments: You can instantly send and receive any amount of money anywhere in the world and at any time, without any limitations. E-DINAR allows users to control their money in full.

Less risks for entrepreneurs: E-Dinar transactions are secure, irreversible and do not contain any personal information about the customer. At the same time, by reducing administrative costs, transaction costs and commissions they are low that determines market expansion.

Security and control: All E-DINAR members in the community can fully control their transactions.

Transactions: E-DINAR do not show personal information to ensure their protection against theft.

How to Create the e-Dinar ?

• E-DINAR is being created as a result of a process of “Mining”.

• The extraction process of the cryptocurrency E-DINAR stops when 22 million coins are produced as a result of mining.

• According to the department of analysis, the estimated process will be in 2 years (± 7 days).