E-Dinar Coin Entering the Famous Chinese Exchange Market


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E-Dinar Coin

Dear e-Dinar Coins users!

We are glad to inform you that thanks to our efforts, we have established cooperation between our company and well known cryptocurrency and in China Dabtc (www.dabtc.com).

After our joint meeting has been held, Dabtc made a decision to allow the digital cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin (EDC) to enter its market, and soon all users will have a great possibility to make E-Dinar Coin transactions on the Dabtc exchange market.

Dabtc also informed that the deadline for the introduction of E-Dinar Coin (EDC) is still being set. We will inform you about the official date as soon as possible.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE; Chinese: 上海证券交易所; pinyin: Shànghǎi zhèngquàn jiāoyì suǒ), is a stock exchange that is based in the city of Shanghai, China. Unlike the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is still not entirely open to foreign investors[3] due to tight capital account controls exercised by the Chinese mainland authorities[4] and often manipulated by the decisions of the Central Government.

It is a non-profit organization directly administered by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

Shanghai Stock Exchange

The Shanghai Clearing House provides security for financial market participants, and efficient clearing services development purposes, but also conductive to international peers inter-agency communication and cooperation. It provides central counterparty clearing of foreign currency in the interbank market, including clearing, settlement, margin management, collateral management, information services, consulting services, and related management department under other business.