The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Crypto parcels such as Bitcoin and Coin are currencies created using advanced encryption techniques. Cryptocurrency came into being in 2009 with the creation of Bitcoin, and this virtual money has become a real phenomenon. In the following years, Bitcoin has started to attract significant investors. The interest in Bitcoin increased at most in 2013. Press and investors fell on the agenda like a bomb. In April 2013, it was valued at 10 times the same month of the previous year. Later, however, over 50% of the depreciation in a short time fired new debates. Some investors have begun to be more cautious about Bitcoin. Will this alternative payment system, crypto digital money, be a competitor to the banking system in the future? Will it be among reserve reserve units such as USD, EUR, JPY?

Bitcoin – Currency Price Stabil

This new encryption technology removes Bitcoin and e-Dinar Money from government manipulations and controls. Bitcoin has a mining structure that requires a powerful computer to solve mixed algalities, but e-Dinar Para is an atomic mining site that does not require such a powerful computer need for system participants. Local monetary insurances are insured by governments from problems that may arise in the banking system, but there are no insurance policies currently available for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin = 1.200 USD = GOLD / USD In addition, BitCoin seems to have managed to stay above 1,000 USD.

Increased Screening

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and soon began to be advantageous for activities for some criminal elements such as drug trafficking, smuggling, arms trading, money laundering. This situation has begun to attract the attention of some government institutions. Some institutions such as FinCen, Sec, Fbi, Dhs have begun to take some measures.

Where are Bitcoin’s Alternatives?

E-Dinar Coin: uses an advanced encryption technique. You do not need a powerful computer because it is the environment and adopts automatic mining method. There is a mining gain of 0.65% per day. The aim is to combat air and water pollution.

1- Litecoin: This cryptocurrency is designed to make smaller transactions faster. The founder Charles Lee likens Bitcoin to Lite Coin ‘Silver. Maximum limit 84,000,000 Approximate operation time is 2.5 minutes.

2 – Ripple is like a bitcoin in both money and a payment system.

3- MintChip: Unlike most scrambled currencies, MintChip is actually the creation of a government agency, especially the Royal Canadian Mint. The MintChip is a smart card that holds the electronic value and can safely transfer from one chip to another. Like Bitcoin, MintChip does not need to recognize personal identity.

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The future

The number of traders accepting crypto currencies has been increasing day by day, but a very small minority is using cryptocurrency.

However, the complex nature of crypto parcels will deter others, other than those who use technology well, because the relative complexity of conventional money, along with that of conventional currencies, will drown most people, except those technologically competent. Crypto shopping, which desires to become part of the main financial system, may have to meet a wide range of criteria.

While this possibility seems remote, the success (or lack thereof) of dealing with the difficulties that Bitcoin has faced as the leading cryptocracy right now may determine the value of other crypto currencies in the coming years.

Should you invest in cryptocurrency units?

If you are considering investing in crypto-currencies, it may be best to treat “investment” in the same way as other high-speculative ventures. In other words, if you experience the risk of losing the majority of your investment, though not all. As mentioned earlier, a cipher has no inherent value other than what a client would like to pay for one time in his or her time. This is also very susceptible to large price fluctuations, which increases the risk of loss for an investor.

For example, Bitcoin fell between $ 260 and $ 130 over a six-hour period on April 11, 2013. If you can not get this kind of turmoil, look elsewhere for more affordable investments.


The emergence of bitcoin has created a debate about the future and other cryptographic currencies.  A cryptocracy that wants to become a part of the mainstream financial system must meet a wide range of criteria.

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